Beer-Saving Superhero Ads : Bud Light Legends

Beer-Saving Superhero Ads : Bud Light Legends

For the 2021 Super Bowl, Bud Light premiered its Bud Light Legends ad spot, featuring Grammy-nominated artist Post Malone, along with Cedric the Entertainer, the Bud Light Knight, and many others.

The 60-second spot begins in a grocery store, where shoppers look in the fridge for a pack of Bud Light, only to realize it’s completely empty. Viewers are transported to the scene of a fallen Bud Light truck, where packs of beer are strewn about the highway. Luckily, Post Malone and the other Bud Light Legends appear in a nearby forest to rescue to day, turning the truck upright, filling it with beer, and getting it onto store shelves so that shoppers can enjoy it while they watch the game.

Image Credit: Bud Light

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