Cetacean-Shaped Buildings : marine observatory

Cetacean-Shaped Buildings : Marine Observatory

The new Australian Underwater Discovery Centre is set to function as the world’s largest marine observatory as well as an educational center, exhibition space and tourist attraction, with its focus on celebrating and studying marine life exemplified by its magnificent whale-shaped structure.

Dreamed up by Baca Architects, the design of the Australian Underwater Discovery Centre revolves around an above-water section shaped like a humpback whale head, while sections of the structure are also inspired by the iconic Castle Rock in western Australia as well as the recognizable curves of ships.

What’s unique about this particular marine observatory is that it is designed to function in harmony with the ocean, with visitors able to spend time in an observatory at the level of the ocean floor, giving the sensation that human visitors are on display and marine life is on the outside looking in.

Image Credit: Baca Architects

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