Conductive Food preparation Bowls : food preparation dish – The Bonbowl is an innovative food preparation dish that’s designed to earn use the concepts of electric conductivity to earn it feasible for individuals that do not have kitchen areas to cook tasty dishes.

What’s great about the Bonbowl is that the steel dish that it comes with is used for both food preparation and consuming. The device takes benefit of heat-generating currents that produce heat in the steel dish, triggering the food that it includes to cook uniformly. What’s more the Bonbowl consumes much less power and creates more heat compared to conventional food preparation devices.

With its small form and user friendly system, the Bonbowl is ideal for anybody that does not have access to a kitchen area or simply desires to have a quicker and easier food preparation option as a back-up. It’s available in non-stick or uncoated variations for $149.

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