Efficient Next-Gen Pizza Stoves : GEN3 – The GEN3 stone-conveyor stove from Warm Rocks aims to improve the previous generation product’s upkeep and ease of use, ensuring the pizza dining establishments that depend on it constantly have access to an effective and dependable home device that will help them churn out orders.

To earn certain there is not a surprises that might impact a restaurant’s flow, Warm Rocks consists of upkeep pointers that will be plainly noticeable via pop-up messages that show up on its control board. The upgraded control board also allows users to favorite cooking setups, and automate the pre-heat, cool off, and stone-drying functions. The company has also changed the positioning of its emergency situation quit switches so that they can be reached faster, and improved the insulation so that the outside will not produce as a lot heat.

Picture Credit: Warm Rocks

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