Effortless Technical Resilient Fashion : fumito ganryu

Fumito Ganryu unveils a new collection of apparel that is designed for the Fall/Winter 2021 season. It dives into experimental shapes and materials for an effortless look. Many of the designs are inspired by the idea of ingenious apparel looks, offering technical clothing.This includes silhouettes such as the jacket with removable collars, delivering a sense of customization to the piece with unique layering. There are also recycled plastic materials that can be seen on the oversized puffer jacket. The hybrid tops and sweater options are accompanied by deep pockets for full function and billowing sleeves. The rest of the capsule includes pieces such as slim denim pants, slacks, oversized sweatpants, knit cardigans, coach jackets, and more.

Image Credit: Fujmito Ganryu

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