Gourmet Rice Pudding Cups : rice pudding cup – Rice Rice Baby is Toronto’s new premium rice dessert mug company and it sets itself apart with strong tastes such as Peanut Butter Mug and Strawbasil. Plainly showing that “this isn’t your grandma’s rice dessert,” Rice Rice Baby not just offers unique tastes but also vegan-friendly variations that are ready with a velvety cashew base rather than milk.

Rice dessert is a treat that take advantage of a feeling of fond memories and it has a far-reaching impact worldwide. This month, Rice Rice Baby is presenting Apple Pie as a highlighted taste and it can be ordered as a routine or vegan treat. The company’s trademark vanilla rice dessert is split with apples and self-made granola, plus an extra-decadent drizzle of dulce de leche.

Available to purchase online, the premium rice dessert mugs are delivered regular in the city.

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