Hydrating Beauty Sleeping Masks : beauty sleeping mask

When looking for an intensely hydrating beauty sleeping mask, Shiseido’s Waso range has a product that will deliver an intensive and effective treatment. Powered by yuzu citrus—an ingredient whose popularity is increasing in the North American market, the Waso Beauty Sleeping Mask is the final step of your nightly skincare regiment. This treatment replenishes and recharges your skin overnight, delivering a “dewy hydration.”

Yuzu citrus is known to be high in vitamins A, C, and E. In addition, Shiseido strengthens its formula with whole carrot cells with vitamin A, Ginseng Extract with vitamin B, Safflower oil with vitamin E, and Moutan Bark Extract which helps minimize any potential breakouts. As a result, the dermatologist-tested formula is not only effective in hydrating but extremely nourishing.

Shiseido’s WASO range is inspired by Washoku, a Japanese food tradition.

Image Credit: Shiseido

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