Luxurious Orchid-Inspired Gins : orchid gin

Tanglin is offering an orchid gin that is bound to capture the attention of spirit connoisseurs and those looking to engage in new flavor experiences. With a nod to traditional gin botanicals, the brand includes the pine of Juniper. However, the recipe boasts an unexpected twist. On one hand, the Indian Amchoor—this is “a powdered form of green unripe mangos”—infuses the beverage with an unmistakable and delightful citrus note. On the other hand, the Vanilla Planifolia Orchid adds a very distinct smoothness and elegance to taste of the beverage.

Tanglin offers its Orchid Gin in a 700 mL bottle, retailing for $98. The spirit is accompanied by a very modern and tastefully vibrant packaging design that contributes immensely to the overall experience of Tanglin’s unique product offering.

Image Credit: Tanglin

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