Meatless Japanese Burgers : good burger

Meatless Japanese Burgers : Good Burger

All over the world, interests in plant-based eating are rising and Japanese chain Freshness Burger is tapping into the popularity of meatless products with its Good Burger. The product was created with health-conscious women in mind, as it boasts 20% fewer calories than the conventional meat-based hamburgers from Freshness Burger. Additionally, meatless alternatives are being seen as an eco-friendly solution to possible food shortages in the future.

As customers and food manufacturers alike look for alternative, sustainable sources of protein, they are gravitating to solutions that are healthier, rely on fewer resources and involve no animals whatsoever.

According to Tokyo-based research company Seed Planning, it’s expected that the Japanese market for meat alternatives using vegetable protein will grow 2.3 times over the next decade.

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