Mesmerizing Headband Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Every fashionista understands the power of accessorizing. A chic necklace or a pair of earrings can give your look a new dimension. But accessories aren’t reserved just for your body. This year, we’ve witnessed a major comeback of some gorgeous retro hair accessories. The most popular – and our personal favorite – is the headband! Depending on the style, this detail can add a dose of elegance or sass into your outfits. If you want to get creative with headband hairstyles, scroll down to discover all the mesmerizing looks you can try.

mesmerizing headband hairstyles for every hair type
Photo By @jenniferbehr/Instagram

A sparkly, bejeweled headband will instantly glam up your style. Although it might seem too flashy for everyday use, pair it with messy curls and you’ll create an enchanting look. The two textures balance each other and give off a dreamy vibe.

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