Non-Alcoholic Macerated Spirits : crossip

Non-Alcoholic Macerated Spirits : Crossip

In line with consumer habits shifting towards mindful alcohol consumption, Crossip debuted a trio of non-alcoholic spirits to remind of popular alcohol products with no alcohol whatsoever. The non-alcoholic macerated spirits are available in three varieties: Dandy Smoke, Fresh Citrus and Pure Hibiscus.

While Dandy Smoke is said to be reminiscent of mezcal, Fresh Citrus is comparable to fruit punch and Pure Hibiscus can be enjoyed as a replacement for Italian bitters. Rather than taking on the exact qualities of existing spirits, the non-alcoholic drinks are designed to create a “powerful sensory experience” with an ingredient-focused approach.

With these non-alcoholic spirits, it’s possible to recreate everything from cosmos to gin and tonics with bold fruit flavors, subtle bitterness and fiery hints of ginger.

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