Photograph Detailed Spring Fashion : gavin watson

Japanese fashion label F-LAGSTUF-F introduces its new capsule for the Spring/Summer 2021 season and it features photography by Gavin Watson. His work details some of the seasonal wearables, bringing forth an impressive lineup of streetwear, activewear, militaristic garments, and more. There is also a retro flair in the capsule that is spotlighted by the sportswear selections.

Watson’s photographs capture the evolving British subculture and it makes its way onto some lightweight layering silhouettes. He photographs young skinheads during the 70s and the 80s, showcasing fun-loving young adults growing up by London. The photographs adorn clothing items such as track jackets, shirts, and a variety of t-shirt options before being detailed with some co-branding accents to round it out.

Image Credit: F-LAGSTUF-F

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