Professional Workwear Onesies : Zoomsie

On April 1st, strategic communications and marketing agency Peppercomm introduced the world to the Zoomsie, “the world’s first integrated work-from-home fashion solution.” The one-piece outfit offers the style of professional workwear and the comfort of a onesie and it puts business on top, comfort on the bottom with breathable joggers.

The April Fool’s product shares a playful way to recognize the needs of professionals who heavily rely on videoconferencing and desire to look both presentable and feel comfortable. Professionals who find themselves particularly tickled by the hybrid onesie outfit have the chance to win the Zoomsie from Peppercomm.

As outrageous as the idea of the onesie may seem, it reflects the shift in everyday attire from professional workwear to more casual loungewear staples for working from home in style.

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