Rainbow Makeup is All Over Instagram – Recreate These Colorful Looks Ahead of Spring

There’s a particular trend that’s been hogging the spotlight for quite a while, and it seems that people can’t get enough of it. You guessed it – we’re talking about rainbow makeup. Vivid color combinations are a big hit, and they look enchanting on the eyelids. If you’re still hesitant, we lined up a bunch of mesmerizing rainbow makeup looks that will blow you away. Just scroll down and take your pick!

rainbow makeup is all over instagram - recreate these colorful looks ahead of spring
Photo By @staceymariemua/Instagram

Red, pink, and yellow make a stunning color combo that mimics the beauty of a sunset. While the vibrant color combo is effective on its own, the purple-colored mascara makes a captivating finishing touch for this glam look.

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