Restaurant-Supporting Food Challenges : Beefy Burger Boi

Beefy Burger Boi is a popular TikTok channel from creators Anthony Kaplan and Michael Vanacoro, who use the platform to promote their love of fitness and food.

On the channel, the duo visit nearby restaurants who offer impressive meals that make them ripe for a viral challenge. Kaplan tends to feature in the videos, while Vanacoro is responsible for editing. Though Kaplan usually challenges himself to eat large quantities of food, the Beefy Burger Bois’ channel brings plenty of traction to small businesses that have been struggling over the course of the pandemic as well. Kaplan spoke to this in an interview, stating “The couple [restaurants] we’ve tagged have reached out and are considering doing food challenges with us because they see the traction we’re getting and know it’ll help them, too.”

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