Root Play Hair is the Hair Trend That Can Turn Any Dye Job Into a Low Maintenance One

As spring gets closer, we’re on the lookout for new and exciting dye jobs to spice up our looks. One of the hair trends that’s quickly risen to popularity is root play hair. That’s right ladies, this season we’re claiming back our roots! Starting just two inches below the roots, this style looks slightly grown out from the start. You can get a chic appearance and a low-maintenance dye job with the root play hair trend. If you’re already thinking about a color change, we have many mesmerizing ideas to get you inspired. Scroll down to find your match and hop on this hot trend ASAP.

root play hair is the hair trend that can turn any dye job into a low maintenance one
Photo By @alessiasigona/Instagram

Switch your hue with this elegant root play hair color example. Leave off your darker roots, and apply the blonde shade as a balayage on the rest of your hair. This warm-hued dye job makes a perfect fit for spring aesthetics.

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