Spicy Garlic Noodle Cups : Hot Garlic Chicken – Nissin Foods recently broadened its popular schedule of Mug Noodles Stire Fry with the enhancement of 2 delicious new tastes: Warm Garlic Poultry and Teriyaki Poultry.

Nissin Foods’ Mug Noodles Mix Fry collection at first made its across the country launching in December of 2019, with 3 Asian-inspired tastes: Teriyaki Beef, Oriental BBQ, and Wonderful Chili. Currently, the schedule has broadened yet again to consist of Warm Garlic Poultry and Teriyaki Poultry ranges. Both of the new tastes come in a microwavable paper mug for easy food preparation, and is thrown with tasty veggies such as green beans and cabbage. Both of the new ranges are also devoid of MSG and artificial tastes.

The new Warm Garlic Poultry taste can be found on and at supermarket across the country, while Teriyaki Poultry is a Walmart special.

Picture Credit: Nissin Foods

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