Teriyaki Burger-Flavored Snacks : mos burger 1

Mos Burger’s brand new ‘Potatoes–Teriyaki Burger-Flavored snack fries’ are delicious and looks exactly like a bag of fries from the franchise. The packaged snack is made possible with the help of food supplied Ajigen, showcasing the burger’s visual on the front of the pouch packaging. The design has the delectable burger along with a ripped packagin for easy access.

The snack itself resembles a stark similarity to the look of actual Mos Burger fries. From the straight cut and medium thickness, the delicious option is elevated with flavors such as white and red fine miso powder. Mos Burger has been recognized for toying with perceptions of burger flavors and the potatoes essentially transforms the burger into a potato format.

Image Credit: Mos Burger

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