Valentine’s-Themed Snack Cakes : Hostess Valentine’s Day

Valentine's-Themed Snack Cakes : Hostess Valentine’s Day

These Hostess Valentine’s Day treats have been announced as a variety of offerings for consumers to pick up in celebration of the holiday that are perfect for consumers of all ages.

The cakes come in four varieties including Heart-Shaped Hostess Valentine Ding Dongs, Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavored CupCakes, Frosted Strawberry flavored Donettes and the Mixed Berry flavored Twinkies. Each of the products come in a rosy, heart-covered packaging and are individually wrapped with a dedicated section to add a loved one’s name as a small sweet treat to offer them.

The Hostess Valentine’s Day treats are available now at participating grocery stores nationwide now, but will only be around for a limited time for consumers to pick up.

Image Credit: Hostess

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