Vegetarian Lunar New Year Dishes : Orange Chickin’ Bowl

In honor of Lunar New Year, Veggie Grill launched a limited-edition Orange Chickin’ Bowl.

Available from February 3rd to 12th, the new Orange Chickin’ Bowl is a tasty, and vegetarian-friendly way to celebrate the Lunar New Year. A twist on a classic dish, the new Orange Chickin’ Bowl consists of plant-based protein tossed in a citrus-forward sauce, on a bed of wild rice, with roasted garlic broccolini and candied sesame almonds.

As founder and executive chairman of Veggie Grill T.K. Pillan explains, “We are excited to introduce this iconic dish, but with our innovative plant-based spin in time for the Lunar New Year. Our goal is to give people dishes that they crave in a plant-based version and bring new experiences that showcase just how delicious plant-based dining has become.”

Image Credit: Veggie Grill

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